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Public Safety Policy

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Public Safety Policy: Issues
Sniper Rifle
Image by Emiliano Bar

Ban No-Knock Warrants

No-knock warrants allow law enforcement to enter a property without first announcing their presence. This type of policing has led to tragic outcomes, notably the death of Breonna Taylor in 2020. The brief attached below outlines why no-knock warrants should be illegal and policies government should install in their place.

PDF Available

Implement Universal Background Checks

Our current background check system is riddled with loopholes that allow individuals who should not have access to firearms obtain them legally. Universal Background Checks would close existing  loopholes (i.g private sales) and reduce the number of firearms in rotation. In the brief below, we go on to explain the inadequacy of our current background check system and the usefulness of UBCs.

PDF Available

Remove Private Interests from Public Prisons

While the last private prison in Michigan closed in September of 2022, private interests are still prevalent within our public prisons. We have outlined below the problems with having for-profit corporations operate within the walls of public prisons and potential logistical solutions that their departure would leave.

PDF Available
Police Officer
Rifle Bullets

Mandate the Release of Unedited Body Camera Footage within 21 Days

The lack of police transparency cannot be solved with a singular policy but mandating the release of unedited body camera footage within 21 days would be a step towards a more accountable police force. The following brief provides evidence of this policy's effectiveness and additional body-cam related policy.

PDF Available

Institute a Mandatory Waiting Period for Gun Purchases

Far too often, we have impulse violence claim the lives of those in our community. Instituting a mandatory waiting period for gun purchases will help keep firearms out of dangerous hands. Our policy brief covers evidence that supports this proposal as well as additional steps that will ensure the safety of our communities.

PDF Available

Introduce ERPOs to Michigan

Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs) allow law enforcement to confiscate firearms from an individual who is deemed to be a risk to themselves or others. Michigan does not currently have this infrastructure in place so our brief covers the installation of ERPOs and the benefits they produce.

PDF Available
Public Safety Policy: Issues
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